Civil & Criminal Investigation

Civil & Criminal Investigations



A civil investigation typically begins with an analysis. Our investigator will usually meet with the person launching the investigation to discuss the needs of the investigation, the budget allotted for the investigation and how the case should proceed. Then, the investigator will approach the case, using a variety of investigative techniques to get answers and evidence as needed. Depending on the investigation, investigators may use surveillance, background checks, medical or forensic investigations, witness examination, and other methods they feel fit to solve the case. The investigator will then meet with the client again to discuss findings. If needed, our investigators can generate an official investigative report or even act as an expert witness in a civil trial. H&H Investigators have a proven track record of obtaining case winning results.


A criminal investigation is an undertaking that seeks, collects, and gathers evidence for a case or specific purpose. Our investigators look for clues and evidence to determine whether a crime has taken place. H&H Investigators have more than 225 years of combined investigative experience working criminal prosecution and defense cases. Our defense work has resulted in numerous not guilty jury verdicts including death penalty cases and serious felonies.
When Do I Need a Criminal Investigator?

When you need evidence gathered for criminal defense

  • To collect evidence for a criminal case
  • To find and interview other witnesses to a crime
  • To gather impartial facts about a crime
  • If you need surveillance or records searches to collect evidence
  • If law enforcement investigations produce little or no results

Why Should I Use a Criminal Investigator?

  • Criminal investigators operate within the law to find evidence
  • Criminal defense investigators can gather evidence of wrongful conviction or accusation
  • Law enforcement investigators are often busy with other tasks
  • Criminal investigation divisions can be too short on resources to conduct a proper investigation
  • Exclusively dedicated private investigators are more persistent than law enforcment so they can often provide better results
  • Criminal investigators are not limited by jurisdiction

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