I hired Glenn to do some work on a fairly complex federal civil rights case. I have been very impressed with the thoroughness and promptness of his work. Of equal importance, I have come to appreciate my talks with Glenn about the case because he will often point out areas of inquiry I haven’t thought about that are important to pursue. I highly recommend Mr. Holmes and his agency.

Richard Rosenstock, Attorney at Law

Glenn Holmes and his team are highly-skilled investigators who bring tremendous value to any litigation undertaking. Their ability to gather all available evidence and encourage witnesses to provide critical and case-winning information is unmatched, and I highly recommend their services to any law firm interested in extraordinary outcomes for their clients.

Merit Bennett, Attorney at Law

I would like to say a good word about Glenn Holmes and his investigative competence. I have known Glenn for many years. He was a law enforcement officer when I first met him. Even then he had really constructive things to say about cases I was working on. He has a sense about him that goes to the bottom line and his work as an investigator has honed that sense. I find his input to be invaluable and his ability to find the answers is something I can count on. When I have him on my case things get done No matter what we get an answer. I love how involved he gets in the cases he takes on. He gets what is needed and he does not rest until he gets what is necessary. The knowledge of where you are is critical. It is difficult to articulate how important this is to getting a result that benefits you. His talents at getting to the bottom line are remarkable. He does not stop until the issue is settled. I can honestly say that Glenn is an asset to whatever case you might need Him for. I can also say that his insight into a case is beyond what one might think.

Dan Marlowe, Attorney at Law

Glenn Holmes, H &H Investigations, has systematically brought together an exceptional team of skilled investigators from the FBI, and other agencies who have strong connections both domestically and foreign.  They can immediately pickup the telephone and call contacts in foreign countries for assistance in any of their endeavors.  In all cases, timeliness is critical, and Glenn and his team have the amazing capability to mobilize rapidly and efficiently.  I was an agent for the DEA for 31 years and am totally impressed by the in-depth and thorough investigative prowess of H & H Investigations.  I highly recommend them since they leave no stone upturned.

Mike Vigil, Retired DEA Special Agent Chief of International Undercover Investigations.

We were very grateful that our legal representatives referred us to H&H Private Investigations for assistance in a legal matter. We found Glenn and his team to be caring, kind, professional and incredibly skilled investigators. They were able to sensitively execute a task that would have been nearly impossible without their skill set. Their response was rapid, astute and effective. I recommend their services highly and without reservation.
~ M. Crawford.

When my cousin went missing, I was frantic, even more so because she is
an older woman with mental problems. Not only did H&H Private
Investigations know exactly what steps to take to locate her, but their
calm, confident and professional manner helped me deal with a terrifying
situation. I was deeply impressed by their compassion, and will always
be grateful for their help in finding her!

MB, Santa Fe NM

I want to thank you for all your excellent work. My own attempts to locate my son had consistently ended in failure…Immediately after speaking with you, I was confident that you and your associates had the ability and resources to locate missing persons. You called with continual progress reports and follow-up questions…It was obvious you put a tremendous amount of effort and professionalism into this case…I could not have been happier on the evening you called to let me know John was found safe and well.

Posted by: Mel

Glenn Holmes worked the past two weeks following up leads, talking to the police, and actually tracking down suspects and obtaining information crucial to solving the case. He became a dear friend and confidant during this difficult time. Our sincere gratitude goes to Glenn Holmes with H&H Investigations.

Posted by: Al

Glenn is a global thinker and his excellent staff of former FBI agents provides him and his clients with global access to information. With confidence, I can say that H & H Investigations is the leading PI firm in the state of New Mexico and a powerful asset to anyone who networks with them or employs their services.

Posted by: MB

Glenn and his associates worked diligently to obtain the information I needed to make informed decisions. They are incredibly professional, respectful, and responsible, taking care to provide consistently reliable information. They were very attentive to my concerns, including cost, and worked to provide me with important evidence and information in the most timely and cost-effective manner possible. I highly recommend H & H to anyone looking for a private investigator.

Posted by: DU

I had a blank check stolen from me, forged with my signature and cashed. I strongly suspected one of the people working for me, but I did not want to fire someone who was not guilty . Glenn located the person who forged the check, got a written statement from him admitting to the theft , forgery and arranged for the forger to pay me back in full. Glenn is an exceptionally compassionate person with a strong moral compass. This allowed him to get through to someone in trouble and set this situation right. When my check was forged, I felt like a victim, mistrustful of those around me. Now my relationships are back in order and I will always remember how Glenn helped someone get their life back on track.

Posted By: KC

Throughout the time I’ve known Glenn, I have seen him create the most successful private investigation firm in the state of New Mexico. His integrity and attention to detail are beyond excellent. Whenever we have had the opportunity to work together on a case, Glenn and his team have consistently and timely obtained evidence that could be used to serve the highest ideals of justice. Glenn has also been certified as an Expert Witness, which is one of the highest levels of confidence a Court can bestow upon a true professional.

Posted By: Jay Goodman, Attorney at Law

I contacted H&H with an unusual request, one that other investigators in Santa Fe were hesitant to accept: to interview a likely uncooperative individual who had information that I needed to make informed decisions regarding a domestic matter. Glenn and his staff planned a non-confrontational interview, secured the individuals cooperation and provided me the information that I required. The information has been life-changing. H&H’s fees are very reasonable and I was so pleased with their services that I included a bonus with my final payment.

Posted By: NC

H&H constitutes a huge network of intelligence that covers the whole state, as well as nationally. H&H’s motto is that they provide results–not excuses. They really live up to this. It is more of a creed than a motto. Glenn’s reputation for integrity and service is ingrained in the community and uniquely situates him and his company to discover obscure information, find missing persons, locate assets and provide the case-winning details others could not do… As a busy litigator and former bar president, I can attest that Glenn is as at ease and on friendly terms with the highest echelons of government and the judiciary as he is with the guys at the barber shop or the man on the street.

Posted By: GR

While few investigators were interested in taking on my problems, you were ready to get after it…You had no problem adopting my viewpoint and investigating on that basis…Your professional insights along with suggestions to help me move toward a professional future that was appropriate for me, not someone else.

Posted By: RB

You restored a sense of justice and reaffirmed our rights as American citizens . You were very cost-effective in bringing a sense of order into the chaos. I can’t thank you enough.

Posted By: HCK

Glenn’s experience and hard work has made him one of the best officers under my supervision, He has developed an informant network (phenomenal) that constantly led to the arrest and convictions of wildlife violators” He has made more big game cases in the past two years than any officer in the Department of Game & Fish.

Bill Montoya, Former Director of New Mexico Game & Fish

His work ethic and devotion to duty make him the “Epitomy ” of a Wildlife Law Enforcement Officer”. “Holmes has developed and implemented superior law enforcement techniques, including a comprehensive confidential informant network, that has resulted in a higher number of arrests and convictions for wildlife law violations than any other officer in the Dept.

Gerald Marachini, Former Director-New Mexico Game & Fish

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